Daegu Apartments Features

Apartment Features

Housing can vary throughout the city and the country of Korea. Daegu apartments have the benefit of being a bigger then those in Seoul. Daegu is not as built up as Seoul and many of the older buildings have been getting replaced with high-rise apartments that allow for bigger, western style apartments.




Just like most housing, some of the high rises offer the same types of rooms that you would find all over.

  • Kitchen - marble floors, NO garbage disposal, usually water machine provided
  • Entry / Foyer - very common marble floors
  • Bedrooms with built in closets - Heated floors, lament that looks like wood
  • Living Space - Marble and / or heated floors


Here are some examples of kitchens that are typical in the high rise apartments

Daegu Housing - Kitchen

Daegu Housing - Kitchen

Daegu Housing Kitchen

Daegu Housing - Kitchen

Daegu Housing - Kitchen


Here are some examples of bathrooms found in the high rise apartments.

Daegu Housing - Bathrooms

Daegu Housing - Bathroom

Daegu Housing - Bathroom


Depending on your circumstances, you most likely will not have a dryer in your apartment. It is common to have an outdoor area near a window to hang your clothes from the washer.

Daegu Housing - Laundry

Unique rooms that I found interesting in Korea are the following rooms.

  • Stinky kitchens
  • Enclosed outdoor balcony
  • Outdoor drying rooms for clothes

Size Counts

Korean apartments are not measured in square feet, but in a measurement called pyeong.

1 pyeong = 35 sq. feet.

Unique features

  • Stoves (yes, older apartments may not have one!)
  • Oven (yes, older apartments may not have one!)
  • Dishwasher (yes, older apartments may not have one!)
  • Keyless entry
  • Finger print entry
  • Security
  • Fruit washer
  • Rice dispenser
  • Booty washer

Daegu Housing Features

Daegu Housing - Booty Washer

This is unlike a Bidet, it is like an attachment that goes on the toilet seat. There is a another piece that that is hidden until used, and that piece is the water squirter. There is a setting for the toilet seat heater, water tempature as it washes you, strength of the water and position of the squirter. There is even a setting

Daegu Housing - Built in step stool


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